Beyond recruitment: nurturing and support on Self-Harm Awareness Day

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Today is an important day as it celebrates various awareness days, including Self-Harm Awareness Day.  In this article our Fundraising Consultant, Jaini Shah, stresses the significance of creating awareness about the stigma and misunderstanding associated with self-harm. She also highlights how our roles in recruitment go beyond just finding candidates the right job and extends…

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Benefits of Representation

What was initially planned to be a one-off post, became a four-part series due to the amount of material covered off in the meeting. It felt hardly justifiable to keep it to one article.   This final part of the series puts the spotlight on ‘The Benefits of Representation’ of those who are neurodiverse. Unfortunately, there exists…

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Creating an Inclusive Environment

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The third part of our four-part series on Neurodiversity and the workplace, leaves us focusing on what practical measures companies can put in place to accommodate and support those who are Neuro-Diverse. Furthermore, we will spend some time looking at the benefits of having representation in your companies from this community.   Rebecca Sterry is…

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Attracting and Retaining Staff – Combatting lower salaries in the charity sector

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The UK charity sector plays a vital role in addressing societal challenges, supporting communities, and promoting positive change. However, attracting and retaining talented staff has become increasingly challenging due to the sector’s comparatively lower salaries and changing work dynamics post-COVID. In this article, we will explore the main reasons individuals choose to work in the…

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Digital and Fundraising: Time to Join Forces?

The last 20 years has seen the charity world boom, and the rise of digital technology has played a substantial role in this revolution. A collective shift towards digital fundraising has opened a plethora of opportunities for charities to reach out to a wider audience and bolster fundraising efforts. As a marketing recruiter in the…

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How effective is your recruitment process?

December 01, 2022 As the war for talent continues, a key consideration for any organisation should be how efficient their recruitment process is. Whilst this may seem a simple consideration, many organisations lose out on talent due to lengthy applications processes, lack of consistency in the way that candidates are interviewed, and slow decisions that…

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Is it time to consider changing jobs?

June 18, 2022 The impact of the pandemic has left many people questioning whether their current role is right for them moving forward. Does the role offer the same satisfaction and fulfillment as it did, pre-covid? Thinking about changing jobs in the current climate may seem daunting, but that is where we come in. We…

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