Beyond recruitment: nurturing and support on Self-Harm Awareness Day

Today is an important day as it celebrates various awareness days, including Self-Harm Awareness Day.  In this article our Fundraising Consultant, Jaini Shah, stresses the significance of creating awareness about the stigma and misunderstanding associated with self-harm. She also highlights how our roles in recruitment go beyond just finding candidates the right job and extends to providing support to those who may have personal challenges in their background.

“Several Awareness Days fall on March 1st and if I’m being completely honest, I was torn between which awareness day to speak about. Not only is it a start of a new month, new season too but also it is International Wheelchair Day, Employee Appreciation Day, and Self Harm Awareness Day. All of which holds such importance. Upon reflection, and my role as a recruiter I thought to talk more about Self Harm Day as, my role as a recruitment consultant means I’m in contact with people all the time. Self-Harm Awareness Day, a day dedicated to shedding light on a crucial issue often shrouded in stigma and misunderstanding. It’s a time to open up conversations, offer support, and remind us of the importance of empathy and understanding.

As a recruiter, my role extends beyond just finding the right fit for a job. It’s about creating a safe and supportive environment where candidates feel valued, respected, and heard. Even though our interactions may be brief and professional, I believe in the power of building genuine connections with those we engage with.

In the recruitment industry, there’s a great opportunity to be there for someone in unexpected ways. Sometimes, individuals we encounter might be going through personal struggles, including mental health challenges. While it’s not always apparent, creating an atmosphere of trust and openness can make a difference.

Being a safe space for candidates means more than just ticking boxes or going through the motions of an interview process. It’s about actively listening, showing compassion, and providing support whenever needed. Whether it’s offering resources, a listening ear, or simply acknowledging their humanity beyond their professional skills, every interaction matters.

I take pride in knowing that as a recruiter, I can play a part, however small, in contributing to someone’s well-being. Knowing that a candidate feels comfortable enough to share things with me is not just a responsibility, but a privilege. It’s a reminder that human connection goes above professional boundaries and that empathy is placed in every interaction.”

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